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How to choose solar street light


The rapid development of solar street lamps in recent years has matured, and has been recognized by the public for its features of advanced, stable, intelligent, mature control technology, significant energy-saving features, short investment return period, and simple maintenance methods. However, the solar street lights have exposed some problems while bringing benefits to the people. The people’s reaction to this problem is divergent and mixed. Mainly focused on the lighting time is short, the brightness of the lighting is low, the short life of individual components and other issues. Why is there such a problem?

With the continuous emergence of solar street lighting products, the competitiveness of the market is constantly increasing. Many suppliers have to fight price wars in order to stand firm in this competition and retain more customers. Although they met the customer's price needs, they did not give the customer the quality assurance they really needed.

In order to save costs, some manufacturers make big fuss in the accessories of solar street lamps. The vast majority of suppliers will purchase from some non-regular manufacturers. There will be two shortages in the power of the panels. This will result in insufficient power generation of the panels and cause the solar street lights to not work properly. They will also adopt methods to reduce the capacity of the batteries to shuffle them. , Lower costs, improper gains; and all accessories of light source solar Street Lamp, the cost is relatively low, but it is the highest failure rate.

There are many manufacturers of light sources, but the number of manufacturers that pass the product quality is not too many. Some manufacturers often use low-cost means to sell products that may fail or even become damaged in a short period of time. This has caused great impact on the application of solar street lights. The negative impact.

Most suppliers use inferior steel materials, such as the lack of kiln weight and wall thickness, and the use of cold galvanizing on the surface, resulting in poor wind resistance and poor surface treatment technology. This can cause problems such as plastic layer shedding and color fading in a short time.

When these low-end products are used for a period of time, those configurations are damaged and cannot work properly, and the brightness continues to decrease until they die.

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